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Vật tư tiêu hao/Dung dịch khử khuẩn dụng cụ IPA 70% Clear and Blue (can 5l)

Dung dịch khử khuẩn dụng cụ IPA 70% Clear and Blue (can 5l)

Dentalife IPA 70% is the “soft” alcohol providing antibacterial, cleaning and solvent properties but gentle on skin and surfaces.
TGA tested under dirty conditions for effective and rapid broad spectrum disinfection. Safe for use on most surfaces and equipment.
Format: 5L Bulk Pack
• Preferred alcohol for general purpose use in surgeries
• Broad spectrum anti-bacterial activity
• Evaporates after use without leaving residues
• Also in 5 Litre Blue for solution identification
• Gentle on hands and skin
• Not to be added to other cleaning or disinfectant solutions unless indicated by manufacturer.
• Secure, resealable canister to protect wipes and prevent dry out.
• Store below 25C in a cool, dry place

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